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Endings and Beginnings

29 November 2024–01 December 2024, 9:00 am–6:00 pm

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The UCL Psychoanalysis Unit Conference, organised by Dr David Taylor

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All living things - plants as well as animals - have life cycles. All have a finite life. Human beings are no exception. What makes us different is self-awareness: even if we deny facts, we remember the past and anticipate a future.
Many of the changes are gradual. Developmental phases and the generations overlap. However, birth is the indisputable prototype for a new beginning, for a renewal, as death is that for ending. Because of the enormous power of the feelings evoked by these, the geological facts of life, the marks of their reverberation will be found at every level of living and being. Every new birth signifies previous births, every loss, final losses.
This UCL Conference will examine in psychoanalytic depth the psychology of beginnings and endings in their innumerable forms.

The main speakers will include Rebecca Hall, Elizabeth Gibb, & David Taylor, with others to be confirmed. 

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Further information will be shared in due course, with registration opening summer 2024.