Division of Psychiatry Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students applying for the Division of Psychiatry MSc programmes.

Division of Psychiatry Scholarships for MSc study

We are pleased to announce the Division of Psychiatry Scholarships for MSc study, intended to support students who show great promise as future researchers.

We award the UCL Division of Psychiatry Scholarships to the applicants who appear most promising as future researchers in any field of mental health. Awards are usually between £1,000 and £2,000 (occasionally up to £3,000).

Part-time or flexible students entering the second year of the course are also eligible, and can apply for a further award if successful last year (amounts are likely to be smaller for part-timers). Names of award-winners will be announced on our website.

To be considered for these scholarships, please apply for the MSc in Mental Health Sciences Research, the MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences or the MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatment and Research (Mental Health), AND please also send to send to the MSc Course Administrators at dop.msc.enquiries@ucl.ac.uk , a brief CV of not more than 2 pages AND a statement of up to 500 words summarising:

(a) your research achievements so far;

(b) how you envisage research being part of your future career;

(c) what question in mental health you would like to research in future, why, and how you would approach it.

Awards will be made on the basis of these applications. For continuing students entering the second year and beyond, achievements so far on the MSc will also be taken into account.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is on 16 May 2024. 

Please note also the two further Bursaries we offer: one for someone with lived experience of using mental health services and one for a member of a UK resident from an ethnic group that has been under-represented on our course. See Bursaries webpage for details.