Rumeysa Nur Gurbuz-Dogan

Research Interests

Rumeysa Nur received the bachelor’s degree in theology with a dissertation focused on 'simulation theory in Jean Baudrillard philosophy', at Ankara University, Turkey in 2013. She completed MA degree at Durham University, the UK, in 2016, focussed on the war traumatised children and their spiritual well-beings under the program of ‘Spirituality, Theology and Health’. She is currently a 4th year PhD candidate at UCL, Division of Psychiatry and her primary research interest is developing and evaluating Sufi music therapy with makams intervention and its effects on common mental health disorders. Her main research interests are spirituality, music therapy, applied clinical studies and mental health.


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Her PhD is fully funded by Turkish Ministry of National Education.

Lab member of Stanford University, Muslims and Mental Health Lab - History sub-team