Meet the team

Over time, the Whitehall II Study has grown to include a team of Principal Investigators, Researchers, Support staff and PhD Students. There are also a number of academic visitors from Finland, France, Sweden and other countries working on various collaborative projects.

Principal Investigators 

Professor Mika Kivimaki  l  Study Director/Principal Investigator 

Professor Mika Kivimaki
Professor Mika Kivimaki 
Chair of Social Epidemiology
Whitehall II Study Director
Email: m.kivimaki@ucl.ac.uk  


Background: Professor Kivimaki is an epidemiologist and director of the Whitehall II study.

Current area of research: Professor Kivimaki's research focuses on 3 broad topics: (1) risk factors for chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression) and mortality; (2) prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and other late-onset dementias; and (3) multicohort omics and outcome-wide analyses to increase aetiological understanding.

A detailed biographical interview is available in Circulation 2012; 126 (Oct 23); f97-f102 "Spotlight European Scientist in Cardiology".

Professor Archana Singh-Manoux  l  Principal Investigator 

Prof Archana SIngh-Manoux

Professor Archana Singh-Manoux
Research Director, INSERM
Honorary Professor, UCL
Email: a.singh-manoux@ucl.ac.uk

Background: Professor Singh-Manoux leads the cognitive ageing programme of the Whitehall II study and heads a research team entitled "Epidemiology of ageing and neurodegenerative diseases" @epiageing at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

Current area of research: Our overarching objective is to identify the drivers of health at older ages using a lifecourse approach. Key characteristics of this research includes study of functional decline as well as dementia, consideration of both cognitive & motor change in order to assess how central nervous system dysfunction impacts the sequence of age-related changes, repeat assessment of multiple risk factors (social, behavioural, cardiometabolic, inflammatory, etc.), strong methodological core in order to tackle limitations due to suboptimal consideration of missing data, competing risks, selection, & reverse causation biases.

Professor Eric Brunner  l  Principal Investigator

Professor Eric Brunner 
Professor of Social and Biological Epidemiology
Email: e.brunner@ucl.ac.uk


Professor Eric Brunner

Background: Professor Brunner is an epidemiologist, researching the nature and causes of health inequalities. He co-directed the Whitehall II study for many years. He is a visiting professor at Osaka Graduate School of Medicine. 

Current area of research: Professor Brunner leads the UK-China Health and Social Challenges Ageing Project a 4-year study of ageing, dementia and health in China and UK @UKCHASCAP funded by Economic and Social Research Council. 


Professor Annie Britton

Prof Annie Britton
Professor Annie Britton 
Professor of Epidemiology 
Email: a.britton@ucl.ac.uk


Professor Britton's research focuses on the health consequences of alcohol consumption, with a particular emphasis on drinking across the life course. 

Professor Britton uses data from several large cohort studies, including Whitehall II, with repeat measures of alcohol consumption to investigate how these relate to health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and mortality.  She is also researching the health needs of marginalised populations, working with colleagues at the UCL Collaborative Centre for Inclusion Health.

Additionally, Professor Britton is the Graduate Tutor for research students in the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care.

Professor Severine Sabia

Professor Severine Sabia   
Senior Research Associate  
Email: s.sabia@ucl.ac.uk

Prof Severine Sabia

After a degree in data sciences and a PhD in epidemiology at University of Paris-Saclay, Professor Sabia joined UCL in 2010 as a post-doctoral fellow. She is currently senior research associate both at UCL and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

Professor Sabia's longstanding research interest is the impact of modifiable factors on health during ageing with focus on behavioural factors over the lifecourse – smoking, alcohol consumption, dietary behaviour, physical activity, and sleep. She is also interested in methods and statistical analysis such as longitudinal analyses with repeated data and missing data.

Professor Dr Adam Tabak

Professor Dr Adam Tabak    
Clinical Research Associate  
Email: a.tabak@ucl.ac.uk

Prof Adam Tabak

Professor Tabák holds a medical degree and a PhD in diabetes epidemiology from Semmelweis University in Hungary. He shares his time as a research professor at Semmelweis University (Department of Internal Medicine and Oncology and Department of Public Health) and at UCL.

His research interests include clinical aspects of diabetes mellitus including the risk factors and consequences of diabetes complications and gestational diabetes as well as the efficacy of novel diabetes medications. His research in the Whitehall study focuses on the natural history of diabetes before and after the diagnosis of diabetes using the repeated measures available in this database. He is also interested in natural history of diabetic vascular complications.

Dr Joni Lindbohm

Dr Joni Lindbohm  
Research Fellow  
Email: j.lindbohm@ucl.ac.uk 

Dr Simon Chen

Dr Simon Chen 
Senior Research Fellow  
Email: yuntao.chen@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Philipp Frank

Dr Philipp Frank 
Research Fellow  
Email: philipp.frank.16@ucl.ac.uk 

Dr Philipp Frank

Operational Staff

Mrs Isabelle Wilson   l  Programme Manager 

Mrs Isabelle Wilson 
Programme Manager
Email: isabelle.wilson@ucl.ac.uk

Isabelle Wilson

Isabelle Wilson, Programme Manager for the Whitehall II Study, is responsible for the general oversight and management of the study.

Isabelle is an experienced manager of operations with an interest in translational research. She has worked at the University of Oxford, UCL Institute of Child Health, Lurie Children’s Hospital Chicago, and for the NHS. She is an accredited AHCS clinical research practitioner and certified SOCRA Clinical Research Associate.

She has an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and an MSc. Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Dr Andy Ryan  l  Senior Data Manager

Andy Ryan
Dr Andy Ryan      
Senior Data Manager   
Email:  a.ryan@ucl.ac.uk 


Andy brings over 20 years of experience in clinical trial data management to the Whitehall II study team. He joined in November 2021 and has overall responsibility for the study data and data sharing.

Ms Stephanie Smith  l  Study & Data Coordinator 

Stephanie Smith
Ms Stephanie Smith 
Study & Data Coordinator
Email:  s.c.smith@ucl.ac.uk


Stephanie joined the Whitehall II study team in 1995 and took up the senior role of Study and Data Co-ordinator in 2001.

Stephanie is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the study data collection and administrative related activities. She also deals with participant and study related queries.

Mrs Beverly Milne  l  Clinical Co-Ordinator  

Mrs Beverly Milne 
Clinical Co-Ordinator 
Email:  b.milne@ucl.ac.uk

Beverly Milne

Beverly is the Senior Research Nurse responsible for co-ordinating the clinic and home visits during the study data collection. This includes developing standardized protocols for all measures and adapting these for the home visits.

Beverly is also responsible for the ethics applications and management of the study biological samples.  

Key Collaborators                                               PhD Students