Meet the team

The START Implementation team is made up of a mixture of clinical and research members.

Professor Gill Livingston

Professor Livingston was the Chief Investigator for the original START project and led the quantitative and qualitative evaluations of START. She is the Chief Investigator for both the dissemination and current implementation project.

Dr Penny Rapaport

Penny is a Clinical Psychologist, and will be designing, delivering and supporting the current implementation project. Penny was a co-applicant on the original START project and will be supervising all research and Alzheimer’s Society staff delivering the intervention.

Dr Sarah Amador

Sarah is a Social Psychologist, and is project manager and research associate on the current implementation project. If you have any queries about the START project please do email Sarah at: s.amador@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Andrew Sommerlad
Andrew is a Psychiatrist, and will be leading on the qualitative component of the current implementation project. Andrew led the qualitative evaluation of START
Dr Naaheed Mukadam

Naaheed is a Psychiatrist, and will support engagement with the South Asian community, and use her cross cultural expertise in designing and advising on delivery of the intervention.

If you have any further questions or enquiries about the START Implementation project, please contact the study manager, Sarah Amador, at s.amador@ucl.ac.uk

The research team is based at the following address:

University College London

Division of Psychiatry

6th Floor, Maple House

149 Tottenham Court Road

London W1T 7NF