STrAtegies for RelaTives (START) is an eight session manualised intervention that supports the development of coping strategies for carers of people with dementia.

Current project

START Implementation Project (2017-2020)

Following the success of the START trial, we have funding from the Alzheimer’s Society to widen access to START by adapting it for delivery in the third sector and to Minority Ethnic (ME) groups, within existing structures of the Alzheimer’s Society (AS) and the South Asian community in the first instance.

Benefits are expected in terms of improved access for family carers including those in hard to reach groups to START, as well as a template for implementation of the START intervention in the third sector and for other ME groups. Find out more on our current project page. 


Our trial showed that this intervention reduced depression and anxiety for family carers of people with dementia when measured at eight months and two years after they had received the intervention. The trial also proved to be cost effective when delivered by graduate psychologists. 


All the published journal articles and the final Health Technology Assessment report can be accessed in the Publications section.