Pharmacogenetics: Genetics and Environment in Mental Health Study

A study investigating the use of pharmacogenetics tools in guiding the prescription of psychotropic drugs.

Psychotropic medicines, including antidepressants, antipsychotics and antimanic drugs can be very effective, but can cause side effects. These side effects may include weight gain, raised cholesterol, diabetes, sedation, movement disorders, raised prolactin, sexual dysfunction, and osteoporosis. Many patients stop taking their medicine because of them. 

Genetic differences can influence the way people respond to their medicine. However, doctors do not usually consider their patients' genetics when they prescribe. Genetic testing could help to improve the way we adjust the dose of these medications and help to reduce side effects. 

We are conducting a study to investigate this. Patients that take part complete questionnaires and provide a blood or saliva sample for genetic testing. This will allow us to investigate the potential benefits of using genetic testing to guide treatment choices. 

credit: Louis Reed, Unsplash


credit: Akram Huseyn, Unsplash

credit: Ani Rudh, unsplash