Systematic reviews

Dr Bridget Candy, the MCPCRD's dedicated systematic reviewer, and other members of the research team are involved in the generation of systematic reviews in palliative care topics. Dr Bridget Candy is a senior research fellow at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department within University College London. Sine 2007 the focus of her research is on treatments and interventions in palliative and end-of-life care. In the department she leads on systematic reviewing in this area. Her reviews have informed national clinical guidelines in the UK and internationally. She is interested in exploring emerging review methods to include underutilized data, in particular for qualitative and mixed methods reviews.

Many of the systematic reviews are in the evaluation of the evidence on the effectiveness of various interventions, for instance drug treatments for anxiety or delirium, supportive interventions for family carer or the impact of the involvement of volunteers in the care of patients. These types of reviews have mostly been generated for the Cochrane Library, which is part of a dedicated and well respected international organisation that aims to provide credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. Other systematic reviews generated in the unit have involved the use of other types of evidence including qualitative studies on patients' perspectives to help aid understanding on the appropriateness of a intervention. Systematic review methods to include evidence beyond effectiveness of treatments are relatively new and members of the team are involved in collaborations with external methodologists in testing new techniques.