Stepping Stones Triple P Intervention

Stepping Stones Triple P (SSTP) is an adaptation of the broad based parent psycho-educational intervention Triple P parenting programme adapted for children with ID.  

The level 4 manualised course combines six 2½ hours group sessions with three 30 minutes individual parent telephone or face to face contacts. This combination allows parents to share experiences and build on skills gained whilst including individual support. 

The 6 week group duration is similar to that provided by local services, e.g. parent groups run for 7 weeks. Parents receive a course book with topics to be covered in each session and if they miss a session for any reason, they will be contacted by the therapist to discuss their progress and encourage them to attend the next session. The group sessions not only educate but actively train the parents in skills and the individual consultations aim to facilitate independent problem solving. Therapists may belong to any of the professions likely to assess children with challenging behaviour, e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, family counsellors, school guidance officers, behaviour management teachers.

Each therapist will run four 9 week courses per year (includes group and individual contacts) and will take part in supervision, access to the wider TP network and complete related paperwork. The learning objectives focus on maintaining behavioural change, using skills within a group learning environment, learning from peers in the group and sharing difficulties or achievements, providing support, considering if more intensive work is required, referring further if needed, talking about risk and protective factors operating within families.