Patient and Public Involvement

There has been extensive Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) during the development of the trial design, and this will continue throughout the duration of the trial.

Several focus groups of service users and carers have taken place, and people throughout the country that we have consulted with are strongly supportive of the research.

A service user panel has been recruited through McPinn (PPI organisation), and these participants are also strongly supportive of the programme.

The research team includes:

  • PPI Co-ordinator
  • service user representative
  • A carer

In addition, a PPI group has been set up for the purposes of the research programme, consisting of 8 service users, and chaired by the PPI co-ordinator. This group meets every three months.

The group's involvement includes:

  • Advising on aspects of trial design
  • Helping to design the qualitative interview schedule for the sub-study
  • Helping to produce trial information for participants
  • Helping to publicize the trail
  • Dissemination of results