The PANDA trial


Why is the research important?

The aim of the PANDA randomised controlled trial is to investigate the severity and duration of depressive symptoms that are associated with a clinically important response to SSRI antidepressants in people with depression. We will carry out a randomised controlled trial comparing sertraline to placebo in individuals with depression whom the patient and their GP are unsure whether an SSRI is indicated Each year, millions of people visit their General Practitioner (GP) with depression and are given medication called antidepressants. However, doctors are still not certain when some people with depression might benefit from antidepressants or whether they would get better without. So there is a concern that some people might be prescribed antidepressants when it is not really necessary. We want to test the hypothesis that the severity and duration of depressive symptoms predict the response to antidepressants. If this is confirmed it could then be used to generate much more specific guidance about when antidepressants are likely to be of benefit