Acute Day Units as Crisis Alternatives to Residential Care

The AD-CARE study has now finished. Please note that content on this website is being updated, and so some may be out-of-date. Results of the AD-CARE study are due to be published during 2020. The AD-CARE study is an NIHR-funded study investigating Acute Day Units (ADUs). ADUs offer intensive, short term community responses to mental health crises, aiming to reduce costly and unpopular admissions, either avoiding them or facilitating early discharge.

About the AD-CARE study

The AD-CARE study consists of three different work packages that will deliver a comprehensive report on the current value of ADUs, and recommendations about service models which will be of high value to stakeholders in acute care.

Map of ADUs

Mapping Acute Day Units

The first part of the AD-CARE study was a mapping exercise, and we have built a database of all the acute day units in England.  

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Research Team

The research team are responsible for guiding and carrying out the study.

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AD-CARE is funded by the NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research programme.


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