Already participating

Thank you for assisting us in this trial looking to improve psychological therapies for people with cancer.

As you would have been informed, participating in the trial will require meeting with a researcher at 5 time points:

  • The initial 'baseline' questionnaire
  • Week 6 - which can be completed over the telephone
  • Week 12
  • Week 18 - which can be completed over the telephone
  • Week 24

The dates for each of the follow up appointments should be organised during your baseline assessment. A couple of days prior to the scheduled meeting, a researcher will call to confirm the date. If you need to change this date, please contact the study team.

You will need to have your Participant ID number. This can be found on all documentation from the CanTalk Study. Your Participant ID is derived from the site Reference and Patient Identification Number. If, for example, your site number is 005 and your Patient Identification Number is 001, your Participant ID would be 005/001.

Here is an example where to find the Participant ID:

Participant ID