New heads for Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Research Department

6 December 2023

Professor James Kirkbride and Professor Bryn Lloyd-Evans have been appointed as joint heads of the Epidemiology and Applied Clinical Research Department in UCL's Division of Psychiatry

Professor Bryn Lloyd-Evans and Professor James Kirkbride

Bryn (pictured left) is Professor of Mental Health and Social Inclusion and has been at UCL since 2005. He is a registered social worker and his research includes evaluating social interventions, implementation research and acute care and the Mental Health Act. He is co-Director of the MIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit and has been co-lead of the Division's Race Equity and Ethnic Diversity (REED) group. 

James (pictured right) is Professor of Psychiatric and Social Epidemiology. His research investigates the social and environmental determinants of psychosis and other mental disorders. He joined the UCL and the division in 2014 and has been the academic lead for communications in the division. 

Bryn and James will be taking over from Professor Helen Killaspy and Professor David Osborn on 1 January 2024.

The Head of the Division, Professor Glyn Lewis, said: "I look forward to working with Bryn and James when they take over in the New Year. I would like to thank Helen and David again for their work leading the department over a number of years. Their department is the largest in the Division and they have led it very effectively. I have very much valued their input into the running of the Division and will still call on their wisdom from time to time." 

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