Moise Roche

Research Interests

My research interests lie in prevention, detection, and management of dementia in Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) populations. I designed and tested a tailored evidence-based intervention to encourage timely help-seeking for dementia in UK black elders, which led up to the development of my PhD project. Using an ethnographic approach to qualitative research, I am exploring the psychosocial dimensions and the cultural factors that shape how people of black ethnicity experience dementia and respond to its early signs and symptoms, the prospect of a diagnosis, the support and treatment available, as well as their interactions and expectations of health and social care services.

My overarching aim is to improve experiences and outcomes for black families living with dementia, by delivering a framework for an inclusive culturally-informed dementia care pathway to inform policymakers in the planning of appropriate and effective dementia integrated care pathway for this group. This framework will also provide a useful systematic approach for improving dementia integrated care pathways for other BME populations. I plan that I will implement and test the framework I develop in my post-doctoral career.


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My PhD is fully funded by the Alzheimer's Society