Jessica Rees

Research Interests

In the UK, 8 in every 10 people with dementia also live with an additional long-term condition such as diabetes, stroke or depression. My PhD focuses on how to support the management of long-term conditions when a person has dementia through primary care. I am interested in the specific challenges of managing health in the context of dementia and how this impacts care planning decisions. Care planning and personalisation are key priorities for the NHS leading to improved health and self-management.

I am supervised by Prof Claudia Cooper, Prof Kate Walters, and Dr Alexandra Burton.

Links to associate labs, centres and facilities

As physical health is an important determinant of independence, I work in collaboration with the NIDUS (New Interventions for Independence in Dementia) project: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/research/our-research/research-projects/nidus-project

My PhD is co-funded through NIHR CLARHC and the Mental Health Care pathway of the ESRC: https://ubel-dtp.ac.uk/