DoP Seminar - Dr Talya Greene

19 January 2022, 3:00 pm–4:00 pm

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Title: Moral injury, PTSD and CPTSD among healthcare workers during COVID-19

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Abstract: Moral injury, defined as the psychological distress caused by perpetrating, failing to prevent, or witnessing acts that violate deeply held moral beliefs and expectations has been proposed as a specific risk factor for psychological distress among healthcare workers during COVID-19. This talk will present research on the relationship between moral injury, PTSD and CPTSD among UK health and social care workers in the UK during COVID-19 and will discuss prevention in the context of moral injury during the pandemic and other healthcare crises.

Biography: Dr. Talya Greene is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Community Mental Health, University of Haifa, Israel, and Honorary Associate Professor at the Division of Psychiatry, University College London, UK. Talya Greene is an expert in mental health consequences of mass traumatic events. She is an Associate Editor for the European Journal of Psychotraumatology and co-founded the COVID trauma response working group, together with UCL colleagues. She has published over 60 peer-review journal articles and book chapters in the field of traumatic stress.