Ava Mason

Research Interests

While there is a high prevalence of previous trauma in those with psychosis, the various theories investigating the trauma-psychosis relationship suggests several underlying mechanisms. In order to address this complexity, combined measures on memory processing, psychosis symptoms, trauma history and neurological measures are required. My PhD investigates aberrant memory processing as a candidate neuro-cognitive mechanism underlying developmental trauma in patients with psychosis. I plan to use interviews, cognitive and clinical assessments to understand trauma differences within a psychosis population.  My primary supervisor is Dr Michael Bloomfield and my secondary supervisor is Dr James Bisby.

I studied a Master’s degree in Psychiatric Research at Kings College London, 2017/18. I am also a part time Research assistant at the Biomedical Research Centre in Kings College London.

My research interest is of individuals with psychosis or with a previous trauma history and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Links to associate labs, centres and facilities

 Kings College London: Biomedical Research Centre