Athena SWAN

The Athena SWAN Charter is run by the Equality Challenge Unit to encourage and recognise commitment to combating the under representation of women in science, specifically in the "STEMM" (science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics) subject areas.  It aims to promote changes in the culture and processes of academic and research departments in order to  attract women into academic careers in these fields, and to ensure that women are recognised for their achievements and have the same opportunities to advance in their careers as their male colleagues. The charter covers women in academic roles, the progression of students into academia and the working environment for all staff.

In 2013 the Division of Psychiatry was very pleased to achieve a silver Athena SWAN award in recognition of the many ways in which we have tried to promote a positive working environment that recognises all employees on an equal basis, regardless of gender.  We have a Self-Assessment Team (SAT) comprising members from across our departments  who represent all grades of staff within the Division. The SAT agrees and oversees specific actions aimed at improving our gender sensitivity and they contribute to the written application for the Athena SWAN kitemark. 

The members of the SAT who will be continuing to oversee this work to ensure we maintain our standards and successfully apply to keep our silver award in 2018 are:

  • Dr Afia Ali (Co-ordinator of Division mentoring scheme)
  • Dr Nick Bass (Former SAT co-ordinator)
  • Dr Bridget Candy (Co-ordinator of Division staff survey)
  • Dr Claudia Cooper (Division postgraduate tutor)
  • Ms Sarah Dowling (SAT administrator)
  • Dr Alex Feast (Early career researcher representative)
  • Dr Jacques Gianino (Division manager)
  • Prof Angela Hassiotis (SAT co-ordinator)
  • Prof Sonia Johnson (Division lead for postgraduate taught courses)
  • Prof Glyn Lewis (Director, Division of Psychiatry)
  • Ms Tayla McCloud (PhD student representative)
  • Ms Nuj Monowari (Professional services representative)
  • Mr Liam Pikett (Research assistant representative)
  • Dr Andrew Sommerlad (Clinical Fellows representative)

You will find other information and resources about Athena SWAN and gender equality initiatives in these web pages. We hope you will find these useful. 

As the Director of our Division, Glyn Lewis says:

"We want all members of staff to enjoy working in the Division of Psychiatry and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities to develop their skills and progress in their career, regardless of gender. We are proud of our Athena SWAN silver award which recognises the steps we have already taken to promote this culture and we will continue to uphold the standards it represents." Glyn Lewis