Undergraduate results


Your guide to Results Day 2021

Questions about Results Day? Take a look through our most frequently asked questions to help you decide your next steps.

Frequently asked questions

I am holding an unconditional place to study at UCL, what do I do next?

Congratulations! We hope you are looking forward to joining us. You will be sent an email towards the end of August inviting you to start the online enrolment process. In the meantime, you may wish to visit our dedicated 'New Students' website for information about starting your studies at UCL, the services available to you and the Welcome Week events. 

If you are an international student then please visit http://www.ucl.ac.uk/iss/orientation for guidance about our Online International Student Orientation Programme.   

I am unconditional firm with UCL, but I want to be released into Clearing? What should I do?

You are able to release yourself into Clearing by signing into UCAS Track and clicking the self-release button on the homepage. 

Please note that this process is irreversible. Be very sure that this is the course of action that you would like to take as once you have released yourself into Clearing, you will no longer hold a place at UCL.

Does UCL take mitigating circumstances into account?

UCL will only accept the results you are awarded by the examination board(s). All appeals regarding Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) should be made to the examination board(s) directly.

We expect any circumstances that could have affected your academic performance to be raised with the examination board(s). They will then able to take this into account when awarding the final grade.

I didn’t meet my offer conditions but I am appealing my TAGs, do I need to let UCL know?

If you wish to appeal your TAGs then please contact your School or College for further guidance. We understand that this year students can request a priority appeal if they did not attain their firm choice. 

If you meet your offer conditions as a result of an appeal then please get in touch by emailing undergraduate-admissions@ucl.ac.uk or by phone on +44 (0)208 059 0939. Your updated result(s) should come through to us from UCAS. Please remember that we will need to have received confirmation of your new grade(s) by 7th September. We will not be able to consider appeals after this date. If you do receive an appeal outcome after this date that meets your UCL offer conditions then we may be able to consider you for deferred place. 

I will be out of the country on Results Day, can my parents, guardian or nominated person discuss my application with you?

We will not be able to discuss your application with any third parties due to data protection legislation. If you will be away over the results period then you will need to provide a signed letter confirming the name of the contact you are happy for us to discuss your application with. We are happy to accept a scanned version of a signed letter by email to undergraduate-admissions@ucl.ac.uk.

I have been accepted by my Firm choice university, however I've changed my mind and really want to go to UCL which is my insurance choice. I have met the conditions of the offer so can I come to UCL instead?

When a student is accepted by their Firm choice university their Insurance choice becomes invalid, even if the student has met the conditions of their Insurance offer. Unfortunately you are unable to swap your offer replies at this stage. 

I have been accepted by UCL but would now like to take a gap year, what should I do?

You will need to submit your request to defer by email undergraduate-admissions@ucl.ac.uk including your UCAS ID, full name and reason why you wish to defer. The deadline for deferral requests to be considered is 15 October 2021. The Admissions team will then update your record, if your request is approved, and you will need to log into UCAS track to check and accept this change.

There is no decision on my UCAS Track or UCL Applicant Portal, what does this mean? 

If you cannot see a decision then it is likely that we are missing some of your examination results. Please call us on +44 (0)20 8059 0939 for further guidance on the information we need from you. 

Does UCL have Adjustment or Clearing vacancies?

UCL will not be participating in Adjustment or Clearing. 

I haven’t got a decision yet, but I want to be released into Clearing? What should I do?

If a final decision is pending, and you have not yet provided UCL with evidence of your results, you must provide evidence of your final results so that UCL may process a final decision for you. Please phone +44 (0)20 8059 0939 for details of pending information.

I would like to know more about how UCL is managing Covid-19, where can I find this information?

UCL will keep you posted with any essential updates, but please visit our dedicated webpage for more information and guidance. We understand that some of you may have concerns about travelling to the UK in time to commence your studies. We will be touch with further information in due course. 

I have not met my offer conditions and am unhappy with my TAG results. I plan to sit my examinations in the Autumn, do I need to let UCL know?

If you are an UCL offer holder who held a conditional firm offer with UCL from the 2021 admissions cycle and decide to take Autumn exams, you are welcome to re-apply and be guaranteed your original offer on the basis of your Autumn results only. Applicants to courses with interviews or a selection task would not be asked to do these again. Please note that if you sat Autumn exams in 2020 and you plan to take them in 2021 then this scheme will not apply to you.

You will be required to re-apply by the UCAS equal consideration application deadline, 15th October 2021 for Medicine and for all other courses, 26th January 2022. You must apply for the same programme as your original offer and take the same subject(s) with the same examination board.

If you are not applying for Medicine then you are encouraged to apply using the results of your Autumn exams which you should receive in December 2021. 

If you do decide to take Autumn exams please complete the following short form with your details by the relevant UCAS application deadline for your programme in order to be considered for the guaranteed offer. Those who do not complete the form may not receive an offer within the 2022 admissions cycle. 

I am not a UCL conditional firm offer holder but have decided to take Autumn exams as I am not happy with my TAGs. I am thinking of applying to UCL for 2022 entry, will you consider my autumn results as re-sits? 

We are happy to consider Autumn results and they will not be viewed as re-sits in this case. Please note, that your application would be considered in competition with the 2022 cohort of students. Please note that if you sat Autumn exams in 2020 and then you decide to sit Autumn exams in 2021 we will consider this as a re-sit. Please find details of our guidance in regards to re-sits here.

I hold an unconditional firm place with UCL but I would like to change my programme, how do I do this?

UCL is unable to consider any programme change request as we are now full. Please note, programme change requests may not be considered following enrolment, you will be expected to study the programme you currently hold an unconditional offer for.

I would like to defer entry to September 2022. How can I do this?

UCL tries to facilitate deferral requests wherever possible. Please log an enquiry with Undergraduate Admissions with Deferral + UCAS ID in the subject line. Your enquiry should contain the following details: your full name, the programme you've applied for and a brief outline of the reasons for your deferral request. All offer conditions must be met by the 7 September 2021. The deadline for all deferral requests is 15 October 2021. Deferral requests, if received by this date, will be approved for the majority of programmes at UCL. The only exception is the Slade School of Fine Art where deferral is not possible, you would be expected to reapply through UCAS for September 2022 entry. UCAS Track will be updated once the referral request is processed.

I need a Student visa to study in the UK. When will I receive my CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies).

You will be invited to check the details which will be used to generate your CAS in June 2021. Your CAS will be issued to you once your offer status has been updated to Unconditional Firm and your qualifications have been verified.

We do like to remind all international offer holders that we are unable to expedite CAS numbers and as such we strongly encourage offer holders not to book visa appointments or flights until they are in receipt of their CAS number.

Please ensure your Student Visa information is up to date on your UCL online portal.