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Alumni profile - Ferigul Gungoren

Never think twice. I would definitely go to UCL again.

Ferigul Gungoren

MSc Entrepreneurship

Graduated in 2018     

What attracted you to UCL?

Being at the top 15 in the world, its unique curriculum with a practical understanding, being in London as the centre of entrepreneurship, its history.

What is your job title and where do you currently work?  

At the moment I work as an Intrapreneurship and Innovation Management Leader, and the company that I work for is called TürkTraktör.

Ferigul Gungoren UCL alumni

What aspects of your studies did you enjoy the most at UCL?

It was a highly practical course where I had the chance to work on my own ideas throughout the course. The cohort was super distinctive with various nationalities, different experiences and backgrounds, and this was unique even for UCL. My courses were both at Bloomsbury and Canary Wharf, which made me feel both as a student and a businesswoman at the same time.  

The lecturers not only had valuable academic backgrounds but they also had incredible experiences in being entrepreneurs or investors or highly successful businesspeople. We had comprehensive discussions around topics. This helped me to have a deeper understanding of what I learned.

How did your UCL experience help you with your career?

I work at corporations to help them apply entrepreneurial practices within the company and help employees to become the next innovators. Having a solid and unique academic background in entrepreneurship with real practices helps me to stand out. And this experience is also the reason why I got accepted as a Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship at a prestigious university.  

What were the most interesting things you did, saw or got involved with while at UCL?

I volunteered and became a business buddy, a mentor to refugee entrepreneurs at TERN, and met interesting entrepreneurs, eager and dedicated to managing and running their own businesses. That was utterly an interesting experience I enjoyed much.

Also, I took dance courses at UCL, which helped me get through the tough times.

What advice would you give to a student considering UCL?

UCL offers great opportunities to a student, with its extensive academic capabilities and distinctive cohorts. Besides, being in London makes your studies more fun as well as the challenges it has. A city with vibes and a lot to discover and beautiful parks where you could enjoy the sun to have a break make it an unparalleled experience. Never think twice. I would definitely go to UCL again.