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Alumni profile - Dr. Anjul Khadria

Out of several leading universities, I was specifically attracted towards UCL because of its MSc program on Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Anjul Khadria

MSc Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine

Which organisation do you work for and what is your job title?

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and I contribute to develop new photoacoustic imaging techniques that can help in translational medicine.

What attracted you to UCL?

Before coming to UCL, I was pursuing BTech in Biotechnology at NIT Rourkela, India. I was very motivated to pursue higher studies in the UK and UCL was one of my obvious top choices. Out of several leading universities, I was specifically attracted towards UCL because of its MSc program on Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine.

Anjul Khandria UCL Alumni

After browsing through the MSc programmes of several universities not only in the UK but worldwide, I felt that MSc in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine at UCL is one of the most unique courses, offering learning and research opportunities in a very niche area of science.

I was in awe of UCL as it has played a pivotal role in shaping up the modern world. I am a first-generation college goer and when I was applying to UCL, I thought that it is a long shot and I have nothing to lose and when I got accepted I was over the moon. Luckily, I was awarded the Jubilee Scholarship by the UK Government to pursue my masters which enabled me to realize my dream of coming to UCL.

What aspects of your studies did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed all aspects of my studies at UCL – from the classroom learning, to my research on non-invasive drug delivery at the UCL School of Pharmacy, to the fun evenings and weekends with my coursemates and friends. Most of our coursework took place in the Royal Free Hospital, which was really exciting. Almost every week, we had guest lectures from world renowned scientists and academics.

What makes you most proud to be a UCL graduate?

UCL has been home to many greater pioneers, who have shaped the world as we know. From the Choshu Five to William Ramsay to Christopher Nolan! It is also one of the few universities that has a proud tradition of openness and diversity, with Mahatma Gandhi being one of its famous alumni. It is always feels wonderful to have passed through the same halls of learning as them. However, most importantly I feel proud that UCL provided me an opportunity to study and interact with some of the brightest minds of the planet in form of my fellow student peers.

Describe your time at UCL in three words

Centre of World.

What were the most interesting things you did, saw or got involved with while at UCL?

My research work at the UCL School of Pharmacy gave me the hands on experience to conduct research in a world class laboratory environment. The experience was priceless. Moreover, the strategic location of UCL allowed me to interact with students not only from UCL but from all over the University of London.

Who inspired you most at UCL and why?

Every scholar at UCL was inspiring to me, as I learnt from their work ethic, rigor and creativity. They challenged and inspired me to improve and develop as an individual.

Which parts of your UCL experience were the best preparation for your job?

The interdisciplinary exposure during my MSc, both in the classroom and in the laboratory, helped me become an interdisciplinary researcher, which has been a valuable skill throughout my research career. My tutor Brian Cousins and course director Dr Gavin Jell were extremely supportive. They even organized mock interview sessions for me while I was applying for PhD positions.

How did being at UCL change you and the way you think about yourself?

UCL opened up new horizons for me. I could recognize new opportunities and appreciate my strengths, but it also challenged me and taught me my weaknesses. Most importantly, my time at UCL gave me confidence that despite coming from a humble background and a small remote town in India, I am capable of achieving anything I dream of. UCL taught me the value of hard work and that through our hard work and passion, no goal is unachievable.