UCL campus tours


Self-guided Campus Tours

Taking part in a self-guided campus tour will give you the opportunity to explore some of our buildings and facilities, and to experience the buzz of UCL's main campus and Bloomsbury.

How do I take a self-guided tour of campus? 

We have put together an interactive map for you to use, so whether you are physically on campus or using it virtually, you will see and experience the best of UCL's campus with our recommended route. 

Discover your Self-Guided Tour Map

How to use the app

  1. Load the map on your phone or tablet browser. You can connect to our free wifi, UCLGuest, or use your device’s data.
  2. To follow the tour route, you will need to accept the prompt to allow access to your location, or you can also do this in your phone or tablet’s settings.
  3. Tap number 1 to start your tour from the UCL Main Gates.
  4. As you follow the blue line around campus, you will see numbers in red. Each numbered marker represents a location of importance. Tap the number for interesting facts and images for each location.

To exit the information and continue on the tour, swipe down on your screen and follow the blue line to the next number.

When can I take a self-guided tour of campus? 

The UCL Bloomsbury campus is open seven days a week, apart from certain days in the year that UCL is closed.

We encourage that you take your self-guided tour between 9am and 6pm.