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Coronavirus: The Whole Story - Are children learning under lockdown?

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Episode 4 - Coronavirus: The Whole Story

Are children learning under lockdown?

With schools closed and parents and carers teaching their children at home, what will the long-term impact be on their learning? What can you do to make it work better for your child - and for you? And what will it mean for teachers and children when children eventually return to school? Hear what our UCL experts have to say in this week's episode of the Coronavirus: The Whole Story podcast with Vivienne Parry.

Special guests:

- Dr Zachary Walker who is an Associate Professor and Academic Head of Teaching and Learning in the Department of Psychology and Human Development with a research focus of innovative pedagogy and inclusion;
- Professor Lindsey Macmillan of the Department of Social Science who researches the interdynamics of socioeconomic status, family and education; and,
- Dr Rob Webster, Associate Professor in the Centre for Inclusive Education, a leading expert on teaching assistants currently working on several projects focusing on Special Education Needs education.

Access the transcript and more information on www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-minds/podcasts/coronavirus

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