Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


PhD Programme

To facilitate connections between young researchers working at the interface of physics and biology from across UCL, IPLS has established an informal PhD programme for students.

The programme brings students from different faculties together into a single cohort, and provides specialised interdisciplinary training, together with community building activities.

These include:

  • A Students Welcome in October. This is a great opportunity for the new students to meet new and existing students.
  • Scientific activities through the year: bi-weekly journal club, monthly chalk talks by and for students, monthly seminars with opportunities for the students to meet the speaker, termly Meet-Ups where students and postdocs share their work and ideas over an afternoon.
  • Community building activities: Student retreat; a bi-monthly evening discussion club “A Pint at the interface”

Interested students or PIs can contact us to ask if they can join the programme by emailing Jas Gill-Thind (j.gill-thind@ucl.ac.uk).