Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


Biological Physics Research Projects

The supervisors and research projects that are on offer for students interested in the field of Biological Physics are listed below.


Dr. Chris Barnes

  • Understanding and engineering bistability in bacterial two component systems using a combined experimental and Bayesian approach
  • An agent based reaction-diffusion model of communicating bacterial communities

Dr. James Briscoe

  • Development-on-chips: designing and employing novel microfluidic systems to investigate embryonic development of the vertebrate nervous system

Prof. Andrew Copp

  • Biomechanics of neural tube formation

Dr. Nathan Goehring

  • Advective transport of membrane-associated proteins
  • An energetics perspective on cell polarity and spatial memory in C. elegans
  • Feedback and threshold behaviours in the PAR polarity network

Prof. Bart Hoogenboom

  • Interplay between protein binding and DNA topology
  • Self-assembly mechanisms of pore formation in immune defence

Dr. Emad Moeendarbary

  • True traction forces of cellular origins
  • The role of flow-induced shear stress on tumour cell extravasation

Dr. Isabel Llorente- Garcia

  • Manipulation of diamagnetic micro-particles in solution for novel magnetic force/torque sensing in biological systems
  • Fluorescence-force microscopy to measure the physical properties of HIV receptors in the context of virus entry

Prof. Thanh Nguyen

  • Functionalisation of nanoparticles for biomedical application


Prof. Franck Pichaud

  • Toward an integrated view of the biochemical and mechanical regulations controlling cell shape during development: the fly retina as a case study
  • Force integration and transmission during organogenesis: integrated properties of the acto-myosinII meshwork during multicellular patterning

Dr. Andela Saric

  • Membrane-catalysed formation of amyloid-beta plaques
  • Evolution of membrane-remodelling filaments
  • Self-assembly of collagen architectures

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