Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


Previous Research Projects

  • Engineering leader-follower relationships between reprogrammed motile bacteria
    Supervisor: Chris Barnes
  • Biocompatible Transition Metal Doped Nanoflower as Agent for Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment
    Supervisors: Frank Kloprogge and Dimitrios Evangelopoulos
  • Understanding the dynamic distribution of membrane receptor complexes with single-molecule imaging and deep learning
    Supervisor: Romain Lain
  • Biocompatible Transition Metal Doped Nanoflower as Agent for Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment
    Supervisor: Thanh Nguyen
  • Physics of bio-AFM imaging (Online Project)
    Supervisor: Bart Hoogenboom
  • Optimal control of aging and cancer in multicellular organisms (Online Project)
    Supervisor: Thomas Michaels
  • Theoretical Prediction of Photothermal Effect of Nanoparticles in Different Environments (Online Project)
    Supervisor: Thanh Nguyen
  • Cell Division by ESCRT-III filaments: the role of filament fracturing (Online Project)
    Supervisor: Andela Saric
  • Physics of cell division (Online Project)
    Supervisors: Andela Saric and Buzz Baum
  • Learning local optimal karyotypes in the fitness landscapes of cancer cells undergoing chromosomal instability (Online Project)
    Supervisor: Chris Barnes
  • What makes living things alive is a fundamental problem in biology, physics, and philosophy
    Supervisors: Shiladitya Banerjee and  Buzz Baum
  • Membrane remodelling by protein crowding
    Supervisors: Andela Saric and  Buzz Baum
  • Quantitative Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of epithelial monolayers - Role of the length of actin filaments
    Supervisor: Guillaume Charras 
  • Nanoscale clustering of CD40 by therapeutic antibodies
    Supervisor: Bart Hoogenboom
  • Exploring state changes in polarity protein PAR- 2 via single particle tracking / modelling
    Supervisor: Nathan Goehring
  • Quantitative modelling of microbial growth
    Supervisor: Shiladitya Banerjee
  • Predictive analysis of nuclear division dynamics in fission yeast
    Supervisor: Buzz Baum
  • Monitoring of VEGF internalisation via neuropilin-1 by using single molecule approaches
    Supervisor: Snezana Djordjevic
  • Single-molecule light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for imaging receptor proteins on the surface of living cells
    Supervisor: Isabel Llorente-Garcia
  • Investigate how tissue fluidity promotes epithelial wound healing
    Supervisor: Yanlan Mao
  • Biofunctionalisation of Anisotropic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Therapy
    Supervisor: Thanh Nguyen
  • Physics of Filament Evolution
    Supervisors: Andela Saric and Buzz Baum
  • Diffusion of Virus-like Particles on Cell Surfaces
    Supervisors: Ricardo Henriques and Andela Saric
  • Two-colour light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for live cell imaging
    Supervisor: Isabel Llorente-Garcia
  • Quantitative analysis of tumour lineage interaction at the single cell level
    Supervisor: Alan Lowe
  • Development of rod-shaped superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for hyperthermic tumour destruction
    Supervisor: Thanh Nguyen
  • In toto imaging on zebrafish epidermal patterns mediated by Notch signalling
    Supervisor: Andrew Oates
  • The architecture of collagen scaffolds probed via coarse grained computer simulations
    Supervisor: Andela Saric