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Physics of ageing and disease

Physics of ageing

Research synopsis

Profound physical changes occur in almost all organs with advancing age which, in turn, will impact their functions. Furthermore, the biophysical state of cells and tissues is disturbed during diseases including Cancer and Alzheimer's diseases. Therefore, we are interested in discovering the physical changes associated with ageing and disease conditions and understanding their link to pathophysiological processes.

In doing so, we employ advanced mechanical characterisation, imaging, and force sensing technologies to probe the physical processes and develop novel in vitro assays such as organs on-chip platforms to mimic healthy and diseased tissues and organs.

Our findings may suggest novel physical interventions to be applied alongside conventional chemical approaches to promote healthy ageing and advance treatment strategies.

Examples of techniques:

  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Traction force microscopy
  • Microfabrication and Microfluidics
  • Computational modelling



Emad Moeendarbary (Theme Lead)

Other Members

Sabrina Simoncelli