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In2scienceUK 'Faces Behind the Research' blog competition

16 September 2020

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This summer, IPLS helped to launch the In2scienceUK 'Faces Behind the Research' blog competition, tasking thier students with writing a blog about a researcher in STEM, to take a closer look at some of the well-known, and not so well-known, faces behind science research. 

At In2scienceUK, they think it’s important to celebrate those who work tirelessly behind the scenes, undertaking important research to advance the world’s current knowledge. They had a lot of great blogs from students on researchers from all aspects of STEM.

The winning submissions are, in first place Elizabeth, second place Manav, and joint 3rd Afaq and Javed. Check out the top placed blogs here: Elizabeth’s blog and Manav’s blog 

“I decided to apply to this programme as I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in science but up until now, I’ve never known what. I hoped by participating in this new experience, I would be able to understand what it really means to be a scientific researcher.” (Elizabeth, In2scienceUK student)

The first and second place winners received a £100 Amazon voucher, and the joint third place winners also each received a £50 Amazon voucher. 

We were delighted to support In2scienceUK students in giving them the opportunity to uncover the faces behind science research and allowing them to express their passion for STEM through this blog competition.