Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


IPLS Student Retreat 2017

19 October 2017

This year we hosted the second IPLS retreat in the picturesque city of Bath, UK.

It was a great opportunity to welcome new IPLS students into the IPLS family, as well as discussing and learning some very interesting science.

Upon arrival, things started off with a Bath Photo Challenge, where students were tasked with an imaginative list of photo opportunities such as find a 'bath in Bath' or 'recreate a circus at The Circus' which proved to be both a great way to see the city; which was extremely pretty, as well as for teams to get to know each other. The resulting photos proved, without a doubt, that as well as analytical skills, the IPLS nurtures very creative minds! The evening was then brought to a close with dinner and Science Pictionary, once again putting our artistic skills to the test!

The following day our Science talks got under way, we were very pleased to be joined by four exceptional scientists; Dr. Daniel Burnham (The Francis Crick Institute), Dr. Chiu Fan Lee (Imperial College London), Dr. Cedric Weber (King's College London) and Prof. Julia de Falco (Queen Mary, University of London), each of whom gave incredibly interesting talks and a really valuable insight into the field of Biophysical research. In addition to our esteemed guests, the students also gave talks about each of their own research areas, again further emphasising the varied nature of our research - it was really great to see the wonderful research happening within the IPLS. All of this Science certainly built up our appetites too, we decide to follow lasts year's success of 'The Cooking Challenge', and had each meal of the retreat meals prepared by a different team of students with our guest speakers acting as the judges - the judges had a difficult job with everyone going all out with their menu choices, but ultimately, the combination of Paella and Apple Crumble won them over. 

After three days of fantastic Science, food and company, we headed back to London and we think it's safe to say, this year's retreat was one to remember! We would like to thank our exceptional speakers, Dr. Daniel Burnham, Dr. Chiu Fan Lee, Dr. Cedric Weber and Prof. Julia de Falco who really went beyond expectations and made it such a valuable experience for everyone and of course the IPLS for making this retreat possible!