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New book on Biophysical Methods in Cell Biology edited by Prof Ewa Paluch

12 May 2015

Paluch Biophysical Methods

Understanding the physical properties of cells is a key aspect of cell biology. In recent years, the rapid development of optical microscopy techniques and nanoscale technologies have enabled researchers to perturb and analyse cellular properties in extraordinary detail.

In a new book on Biophysical Methods in Cell Biology, Professor Ewa Paluch gathers some of the leading researchers in physical biology to describe key techniques in cell biophysics, covering state-of-the-art optical techniques, measurements of cellular mechanical properties and biophysical techniques to perturb and manipulate cell behaviour.

The book is part of a series on Methods in Cell Biology from Academic Press (Elsevier).

The book can be purchased here: http://store.elsevier.com/Biophysical-Methods-in-Cell-Biology/isbn-9780128011034/