Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


UCL Institute for the Physics of Living Systems Annual Symposium 2023

24 May 2023, 8:50 am–5:00 pm

IPLS Symp Poster

The Institute for the Physics of Living Systems (IPLS) Annual Symposium will showcase the exciting interdisciplinary research performed by IPLS researchers and our collaborators. Our Symposium will take place on 24 May 2023 as an in-person event.

This event is free.

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Guillaume Charras


Jeremy Bentham Room (JBR)
Wilkins Main Building
Gower Street
United Kingdom

Our goal in organising this symposium is to showcase the depth and breadth of research at the interface between physics, mathematics, computer science, and biology in UCL. We aim to spur new collaborations within UCL and across London by presenting new interdisciplinary approaches to tackle complex biological questions. 

Registration for this event is free but it is mandatory. We have limited spaces so please register early to avoid disappointment. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.
Please register by 15th May 2023 for joining instructions.

Register here.

Directions: The Jeremy Bentham Room (JBR), is located in the Wilkins Building. Please walk through the quadrangle and take the entrance to the right. Please turn left along the South Cloisters and then walk up the stairs on your right, beside the UCL Main Library. 


08.50-09.00  Welcome and Introduction

Session I - Mechanobiology 

09.00-09.30  Closing the verterbrate neural tube
Gabriel Galea (UCL)

09.30-10.00  Mechanics of vertebrate body axis elongation
Alessandro Mongera (UCL)

10.00-10.30  Break and Discussion

Session II - Self organization and signalling networks 

10.30-11.00  Putting the signals together 
Jonathan Chubb (UCL)

11.00-11.30  Mathematical models of cell signalling in embryonic development
Karen Page (UCL)

11.30-12.00  Break and Discussion

Session III - Molecules

12.00-12.30  Structure-Based Modeling of Signal Transduction: Insights from Thermodynamic Approaches
Fabian Fröhlich (Francis Crick Institute)

12.30-13.00  Single-molecule force spectroscopy for studying dynamics of DNA repair proteins
Nick Bell (UCL)

13.00-14.00  Lunch and Discussion

Session IV - Keynote Speaker

14.00-15.00  Flows shaping morphology
Karen Alim (TU Munich)

15.00-15.30  Discussion

Session V - Multicellular assemblies

15.30-16.00  Exploring the biophysics of a robustly adapting tissue
Mie Wong (UCL)

16.00-16.30  Quantifying cell dynamics in 3D
Susan Cox (King's College London)

16.30-17.00  Closing and Discussion