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IPLS Webinar: Dr. James Boedicker (University of Southern California)

15 March 2023, 11:00 am–12:00 pm

James Boedicker

Title: Signal exchange within bacterial communities

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Chris Barnes

Abstract: Bacteria communicate to regulate macro-scale patterns of gene expression and to coordinate group behaviors. Cells secrete, sense, and respond to small chemical signals in a process known as quorum sensing. Although the process of quorum sensing is well understood, most studies focus on signaling within well-mixed, monocultures of bacteria. In many contexts, microbial communication is impacted by both biological and spatial complexity. Within diverse bacterial communities, signal exchange is modulated by interactions between different cell types. Activity patterns within these cellular networks depend on community composition, signal crosstalk, and community spatial structure. Our work combines experimental and theoretical approaches to predict how these factors influence quorum sensing within bacterial communities.

Host: Chris Barnes

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Dr. James Boedicker

at University of Southern California

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