Institute for the Physics of Living Systems


IPLS Discussion Evening- 'A pint at the interface'

28 February 2018, 6:30 pm


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The Orchard Room, upstairs in The Green Man (36 Riding House Street, W1W 7EP).

The aim of this bi-monthly event is to discuss together our practice of science, especially of interdisciplinary, in the warm atmosphere of a pub. Each session addresses a theme. A round of free drinks will be provided.

By essence, because of the various backgrounds and cultures of the actors (physicists/biologists, theorists/experimentalists, for example) interdisciplinary work comprises some misunderstanding. Though it is part of the exciting bit of it, this can sometimes create frustrations and failures. The objective of this discussion club is to explore together the roots of our disciplines and debate our everyday experience in order to better understand each other and the meaning of our work.

Abstract of this session

Modern science is based on a separation between the scientists (humans) and their object of study, usually defined as natural. Yet, by doing so, scientists created a massive amount of hybrid half-human half-natural objects. Recent advances (artificial intelligence, Crispr/Cas-9,...) are making this frontier even more tight so that questions like : What is the difference between a Tamagochi and a Hela cell ? or Is a CrispR/Cas-9-modified-human-able-to-see-infrared-light a human or a camera ? seem not so ridiculous.

Here, we would like to discuss together the connection between science, society and these hybrid objects, and how their eruption might change the way we do science. We will base our discussion on an analysis of Japanese and European cultures which may have a different relationships to hybrid objects.

If you have any questions please contact Jonathan Fouchard (j.fouchard@ucl.ac.uk).