UCL Philosophy


1990 - 1999

Name A - Z


Julian Baggini

PhD (1996)


Ian Beselin (née Maloney)

Philosophy BA (1995)

I left the UK for Zurich in 1995. I started working again in IT at a big Swiss bank. Since then I have got married and had two children (not in that order). I am living happily in Switzerland and I see no likelihood of me coming back to the UK in this lifetime.


Marie-Louise Brown (née Webber)

Philosophy BA (1996)

I'm happily living in the countryside. I'm married to Steve and I work at a secondary school. I teach a few subjects but of course I mostly enjoy teaching Philosophy as part of the International Baccalaureate.

Tom Cochrane

Philosophy BA (1999)

Currently doing a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham entitled 'Shared Experience in Music'.


James Cornwell

Philosophy MPhil (1995)

After leaving UCL I went up to Oxford to study for a DPhil at Brasennose College. I completed my thesis, Ethical Practice and Objective Reasons: Kantian and Wittgensteinian Themes in the Objectivity of Ethical Reasons, in 2000.
Before finishing my thesis I had decided that I wanted to leave academia and pursue a career as a barrister, and so two more years of study followed, first completing the Diploma in Law at City University and then the Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law. After completing a year's pupillage at 11 King's Bench Walk Chambers I was taken on as a tenant there. I am now enjoying practice as a barrister, mostly in the fields of employment and education law.


Zoe Drewitt

Philosophy MA (1997)

Currently Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment Editor at handbag.com



Claire Evans

Philosophy BA (1991)

Currently Senior Lecturer in Mental Health at Staffordshire University and completing a MA in Education. Prior to this I have had a very enjoyable career in clinical practice which started in 1992 and for the past 12 years I have been working specifically with psychological trauma.


Paul Faulkner

Paul Faulkner

PhD (1999)

After leaving UCL, I did a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science before returning for two years as a temporary lecturer. Since September 2001, I have been a lecturer at the University of Sheffield.



Rachel Firth

Rachel Firth

Philosophy BA (1990)

After doing subsequent degrees in Philosophy at Oxford I ended up coming back to London. For the last 12 years I have been working for a children's publisher researching and writing non-fiction books.

RachelF@usborne.co .uk

Marty Gabel

Philosophy BA (1994)

Now living in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and daughter.


Margaret Gullan-Whur

PhD (1996)

Freelance writer and occasional teacher. Last full-length book was Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza , 1998. Related papers since published in Theoria Part 2, 2002 and Avalon , University of La Coruna, 29 May 2003. Now working in applied philosophy, especially in the embryonic philosophy of ageing. Paper published in The Journal of Applied Philosophy, No.1, 2002. Currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of East Anglia.


Joanne Haines

Philosophy BA (1990)

Post BA I studied law at UCL. My specialism is environmental law and the law of environmental protection. I am now a solicitor working for the Government Legal Service in Whitehall. I was in a private practice until 3 years ago but the lure of GLS environmental law work, which is really EU international law based, proved too tempting.

About to get married, well technically sign the Civil Partnership Register, and we're expecting our first baby in January 2007.

Still in touch with several student and academic friends from 1987 - 1990 and still good friends with a couple of them.


Celeste Hamm

Philosophy BA (1992)

Interests: Mind/Brain, Philosophy for Education


Holger Hank

Philosophy and Linguistics BA (1991)

Head of New Media, Deutsche Welle- www.dw-world.de


Joseph Herde

Philosophy BA (1991)

Chief of Staff Business Planning Analytics for the Individual Products group at TIAA-CREF.

Adam Hibbert

Philosophy BA (1998)

After graduation, I continued as a freelance journalist, moving from the sociological end of children's media into editorial consultancy in a range of disciplines, commercial, non-profit and public sector. Currently employed in internal comms at a FTSE-100 insurer (so yes, I sell insurance to insurance salesmen). I am in possession of plausible-sounding marxian rationalisations for this engagement. I'm not writing anything at present - just enjoying family life. Stimulated to register after much appreciating Tim Crane's pesky 3rd anniversary Jeremy Bentham memorial lecture, Why Humanism?, in November 2007.


Ruwan Jayawardena

Philosophy BA (1997)

Head of Marketing Brand, The Cabinet Office, London and keen to get in touch with any former UCL students.


Marc Jones

Philosophy and French BA (1999)

Currently working at Liverpool Hope University, editing their website and publications.


Ed Lascelles

Philosophy BA (1998)

I currently work in venture capital - investing in young businesses. Lots of other things too.

David Lee

Philosophy and French BA (1997)

I am now an A Level Philosophy teacher at a Sixth Form College in Darlington. I am writing an A Level textbook on Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil'. I enjoyed my undergraduate study at UCL but not so much the postgraduate experience but have developed a renewed enthusiasm for the subject since I began teaching it.


Neil Manson

Philosophy MPhil (1995)

Since graduating from UCL went to Oxford, did DPhil, had two research fellowships at King's College Cambridge, am now lecturer in the Institute for Philosphy and Public Policy, Lancaster University. Got married to Liz (UCL English), have 3 kids, less hair, less time for guitar and beer, but, strangely, a more rewarding life (pooey nappies aside). Have a book coming out early 2007 with Onora O'Neill called 'Rethinking Informed Consent' and am still working on a book on unconscious mind.


Zaeem Maqsood

Philosophy and Economics BA (1995)

Recently completed a MBA at Cambridge after a MSc in Computer Science at UCL and a MA in Information and Communications Technology in Education at the Institute of Education.

Currently involved with venture capital and high-tech start-ups around Cambridge. Also building an eLearning venture.


Catriona McKinnon

Philosophy BA (1992)
Philosophy MA (1993)
PhD (1999)

I left UCL in 1997 to take up a Lectureship in the Department of Politics, University of Exeter, and finally completed my PhD in 1999. I left Exeter in 2000 for a Lectureship in the Department of Politics, University of York, and in September 2004 I took up a Lectureship in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading. I have written a book ('Liberalism and the Defence of Political Constructivism', Palgrave, 2002) and am currently finishing another one ('Toleration: A Critical Introduction', Routledge, forthcoming 2005). I have also edited and published various pieces on issues in contemporary political philosophy. I edit the journal 'Imprints: Egalitarian Theory and Practice' (http://www.imprints.org.uk )


Saladin Meckled-Garcia

PhD (1998)

Dr. Meckled-Garcia is currently the director of the Masters programme in Human Rights at the School of Public Policy, Dept. Political Science, University College London where he is also a lecturer in human rights and political theory. He has published a number of important articles on international justice and a jointly edited book entitled 'The Legalization of Human Rights, Multidisciplinary Perspectives.'

After completing his PhD at UCL Philosophy he was a Fellow in Philosophy in the department then a junior research fellow in philosophy at Birmingham followed by taking up a Rubin Senior Research Fellowship in Human Rights at UCL.


Dominic Murphy

Philosophy MPhil (1994)

Currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy, California Institute of Technology


Zoe Payne

Philosophy MPhil (1999)

Currently studying for a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.


Jason Pollard

Philosophy BA (1999)

After graduating in 1999 I completed an MA in Legal and Political Theory at The School of Public Policy at UCL. Since then I've worked with the civil liberties organisation Liberty and the freedom of expression journal Index on Censorship. For the past few years I have worked in public policy within the children's voluntary and community sector. I am currently working for the children's charity NCH.


Angel Maria Ramirez Ortiga

Affiliate Student (1997)



Julian Silvano Sidoli

Julian Silvano Sidoli

Philosophy BA (1995)

Did some interesting things for a few years post-graduation, then returned to University full-time to study law, became a barrister. Practice predominately in Chancery and Family Law at Pendragon Chambers Swansea. Alongside this spent a decade in academia, publishing 50+ papers, becoming a Reader in Property Law and Jurisprudence. Edit a really interesting (well I would say that) series of monographs 'Juris Diversitas' focussing on legal pluralism and the like. 


Martin Sykes-Haas

Philosophy BA (1998)
Philosophy MA (2000)

I am presently working part time in resource development/fundraising for an NPO called Bimkom- Planners for Planning Rights who educate, lobby and advise to ensure that property rights are properly respected, encourage distributive justice in planning resources, proper equality before the law in planning matters etc. as well as stimulating dialogue among the planning and architecture community as to the nature of citizens' rights in matters of planning, building and so on. Unfortunately, here in Israel some communities 'are more equal than others' when it comes to land distribution and so on, as well as being in the possession of more political and/or economic clout. We have a lot to do!

The rest of my time is spent looking after my yummy 7 month old daughter Eden, tidying up after my wife Hannah, attempting to write a novel and avoiding buses.


Elias Tempelis

PhD (1994)

Since my graduation from UCL, I have been teaching Greek Philosophy and I participated in research projects (University of Athens). Currently Lecturer in PHilosophy at the Hellenic Naval Academy (Dept of Humanitarian and Political Sciences) and at the Hellenic Open University (School of Humanitarian Sciences, Studies in European Civilisation).
Main interests: Greek philosophy (Neoplatonism, Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge), Philosophy of War.


Jane Anne Thomas

Philosophy BA (1990)

After UCL I trained as a lawyer and now work in an investment bank in the city.