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The UCL Giving Voice society aims to raise awareness of Speech and Language Therapy and the difference that it can make to individuals with communication or swallowing difficulties and their families.

Welcome to the Giving Voice Podcast webpage. Each episode will bring you interviews from experts at the forefront of speech and language therapy as well as insights into student SLT life.  This is essential listening for all those #slt2bs out there or anyone interested in neuroscience, communication and healthcare.  The Giving Voice Podcast is brought to you by Cat Choate and Laura Sunnucks, two final year MSc Speech and Language Sciences students here at UCL who want to raise awareness about their fantastic field.


Episode 1: AAC with Richard Cave

Episode 1 focusses on all things Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). We hear about the latest technical advances in the field from Richard Cave a specialist SLT & PhD working in Motor Neurone Disease and Voice Banking. We also caught up with Julia, a year A student at the beginning of her UCL SLT MSc journey.

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 2: Getting a job with Olly Sawyer

With the end of the course looming Cat and Laura speak to Olly Sawyer, an SLT MSc alumni currently working in a B5 rotational post at Queens Hospital Romford, to gather pearls of wisdom about getting your first job. Newly qualified therapists and students listen in. From CVs to HCPC registration – we’ve got you covered.

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 3: Attention Autism with Gina Davies

This week we have a very special guest – Gina Davies of Attention Autism. A true legend in the field, Gina tells us about her first job and busts some popular myths about her now infamous intervention programme. This is a truly irresistible invitation to learn!

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 4: Anj and Ram on diversity in our course

This week the podcast is joined by two of our fellow Year B MSc students, Anj and Ram.  Both have been integral advocates holding UCL to account over inclusion, equality and diversity on the course and here they discuss their experiences of diversity during the MSc programme.  In the wake of the Black Lives Matters movement, this is one of the many conversations we need to start in order to make diversity a salient and actionable issue from the beginning of our Speech and Language Therapy careers.  #blacklivesmatter

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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The Giving Voice Podcast team would like to recommend the following resources as a place to start for those looking to further educate themselves.
Further listening (all available on Spotify): Stance Podcast, On Race with Renni Eddo-Lodge, Good Ancestor with Layla F. Saad.
Further reading: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, Natives by Akala, Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Renni Eddo-Lodge.
Accounts to follow: anj_thestudentSLT, @anjani_SSLT, @NHSBME, @slt_anne, SLTs of Colour @OfSlts

Episode 5: Training Ghana's First SLT MSc Graduates with Josephine Ohenewa Bampoe

Before Josephine Ohenewa Bampoe saw her first SLT MSc cohort graduate from the University of Ghana in 2019, there were just seven speech and language therapists serving a population of over 25 million people.  Try auditing that unmet need! This week we speak to Josephine about the highs and lows of setting up the first Speech and Language Therapy MSc in Ghana and the need for more home grown therapists.

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 6: Transgender Voice with Christella Antoni

For the final episode, Cat and Laura are joined by Christella Antoni, a consultant Speech and Language Therapist who is highly experienced in the field of Transgender Voice.  Alongside sharing some of her extensive knowledge of this specialism, Christella discusses her other passion - promoting Speech and Language Therapy as a profession!

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 8: Student Voices: Unique Perspectives of Students Studying SLT

Ever wondered who's studying on the MSc SLS course? Students Chloe Millard and Laura Durston interview students who followed different paths to becoming an SLT.  This includes hearing from students who are parents, are male, experienced a career change, come from aborad and come directly from undergrad.  They share their stories and advice for potential applicants thinking or applying to become an SLT.

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning

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Episode 9: East Asian SLTs

What does it feel like to be a UK Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) with an international background? On this first episode out of a series of two, students Vivian Lo and Claire Kwok from Giving Voice Society interview three East Asian SLTs working in a range of settings, including mainstream and special needs schools, acute inpatient settings, voice and transgender voice. Tune in to find out more about their journey into the field, a typical day in life as an SLT, and how their bilingual background plays a role in their practice. We also tackled common misconceptions on accent modification and many more. Join us on this cultural exchange to celebrate diversity and raise awareness!

This podcast is also available on YouTube for closed captioning

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Twitter profiles: Serena Lo @sltserenalo Nigel Chueng @NigelSLT Kelly Ng @kellyspeechie Pages mentioned in the podcast: STLinks - For developing awareness of speech and language therapy More information: https://www.speechtherapistslinks.com/

@SLTofcolour - Inclusive instagram page to raise awareness of BAME SLTs (Twitter: @OfSlts) More information: https://www.instagram.com/sltsofcolour/

Indigo Gender - NHS adult gender service in Greater Manchester More information: https://indigogenderservice.uk/

The Nesbitt Centre Hong Kong - a community centre for adults with learning difficulties More information: https://www.nesbittcentre.org.hk/

Wing Yee Lam @saltoolbox Claudia Kate @medicslt_ckay UCL Giving Voice Society/ UCL MSc Speech and Language Science

Episode 10: Anglophone SLTs Abroad

What's it like to be a Speech and Language Therapist working abroad?  Three guests share their personal and professional journeys of taking their clinical role overseas to New Zealand, France, and Australia.  Learn about our guests' destinations, what they did there, and where in the world they are today.

Topics discussed include:

  • Most challenging and most rewarding aspects of going overseas
  • Working with adult and paediatric populations
  • Joining a foreign healthcare system or starting an independent business
  • Conducting research internationally

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning.

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Tune in for “direct flights”:

  • Kirsty Catling: U.K. to New Zealand at 00:01:36
  • Grace Lindley: New Zealand to France at 00:35:23
  • Dr Anna Volkmer: UK to Australia at 01:09:05

Episode 11: Social Prescribing and SLT

Social prescribing is being championed as the new framework for providing holistic, socially meaningful support to clients accessing healthcare... so why have we never heard of it?  The UCL Giving Voice Podcast is here to demystify social prescribing through a conversation with social prescribing mentors, Julie Lowe and Mariam Malik and social prescribing student champion, Katy Crowne.

This podcast is also available on YouTube with closed captioning.

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If you would like to find out more about what we do or become a member of the UCL Giving Voice Society take a look at our UCL Union Giving Voice Society webpage.

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