UCL Centre for Outcomes and Research Effectiveness


UCL Centre for Outcomes Research and Effectiveness

Welcome to the UCL Centre for Outcomes Research and Effectiveness (CORE). We are a team of researchers and clinical academics with a strong commitment to the development, delivery and evaluation of psychological interventions.

Research Themes

CORE was established in 1995 to promote effectiveness based research within applied psychology. The initial focus of the unit was on outcomes research led by Dr Paul Clifford. In 2000 Professor Steve Pilling became the Director, and since that time the unit has focused on four main areas:

  1. The development of clinical guidelines, particularly in mental health
  2. The evaluation of complex interventions in mental health
  3. The evaluation and development of psychological Interventions, in particular low intensity interventions
  4. Competence frameworks for psychological interventions

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Key Research Collaborations

CORE collaborates with key institutions internal and external to UCL. These include:

  • The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, with the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • University College London Health Psychology Unit
  • The Anna Freud Centre
  • National Institute for Health Research
  • PsychUp for Wellbeing Programme

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