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Professor Steve Pilling

Director and Service Champion

steve pilling

For much of my career I worked in the NHS as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, where I set up and led a number of mental health services, including leading Islington’s Mental Health Service for several years. I have been at UCL for 18 years and am now Head of the UCL Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology department.  

As well as motivating my determination to improve mental health at university, the students and staff in my Department are part of the solution. My Department is likely the biggest provider of training for the psychological therapy workforce in the UK: it contains the largest Clinical Psychology training course in Europe, it trains London’s Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, CBT therapists and Clinical Associate Psychologists for large regions of the country. Our trainees are the future of mental health care and are a resource that could transform things for our community. 

My commitment to the NHS has been central to my work as a clinical academic. I have led treatment trials, evaluated mental health services and designed care pathways. As Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, I produced NICE guidelines on mental health care for the NHS. NICE revolutionised NHS mental health care, ensuring it was evidence-based: now it is time for a similar revolution in university support. As PsychUP for Wellbeing Service Champion I am bringing to bear my experience of setting up services, my links with the NHS and my experience translating evidence into clinical practice. 

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