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Innovia is a Cambridge-based innovation consultancy. We work in multidisciplinary teams to create new products and services for some of the largest companies in the world. Clients like Procter & Gamble, LEGO, KraftHeinz and Jaguar Land Rover trust us to help them invent the future. Our approach is ‘holistic’ – we bring together diverse capabilities to gain creative insights. This means that our behavioural scientists work in multidisciplinary teams with people whose background may be in organic chemistry, theoretical physics, materials science, engineering, pharmacology, industrial design, veterinary medicine - and many more. We help companies define their innovation strategy, solve complex technical problems and create successful products and services across a wide variety of industries - from energy, to food, transport, medical devices, apparel and consumer goods. Consultants typically work on two to four projects at a time, with each lasting between two and six months, and all roles are client-facing from the start. Our comprehensive training will help you transition from academia to industry.

Working at Innovia is a truly unique experience. We get to apply psychological theory and evidence to real-life problems for a variety of clients across many different sectors. Recent projects include improving adherence to over-the-counter medicines, understanding the social psychology of ageing and how this relates to usage of skincare, developing and evaluating interventions to reduce drink-driving, and re-designing retail experiences for luxury brands. We pride ourselves on taking a structured, evidence-based approach to problem solving. Our team is made up of individuals with expertise in many different areas of behavioural science including (but not limited to) social psychology, health psychology, human-computer interaction, cognitive neuroscience, branding and advertising, and behavioural design. What unites us is our passion and enthusiasm for understanding more about the complexities of human behaviour. It is important that you love learning, are fascinated by people, and are interested in how behavioural science overlaps with other disciplines. Creativity is essential for this role. We don’t expect you to have had any consulting experience already, but it is important that you want to transition into industry and are able to think about a client's needs and the potential constraints of business and commerce. We take ethical considerations into account as we decide which projects to work on and which to avoid, and have guidelines for the ethical use of behavioural science in the private sector.

Apply here https://www.innoviatech.com/careers/ with a CV and covering letter. We hold an initial 30 minute technical interview to find out how much you know about your discipline, followed by a longer technical interview with a case study exercise that replicates a mini innovation project to see how you might apply your knowledge to a real world problem, and one final interview after this to get to know you, your strengths, goals, and your aptitude for consulting.