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Linguistics postgraduate modules 2018-19

These postgraduate modules are available to students on the MA Linguistics, MRes Speech, Language and Cognition, and MSc Language Sciences. Taught graduate students registered in other UCL departments, including affiliate students, are very welcome to select the graduate linguistics and phonetics modules listed below if places are available.

Most modules have a value of 15 credits, and you can find further information on each module by clicking on the link. Students wishing to take any of these modules should register for them on Portico. Available places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If a module is full when you register for it, you will be informed via email that we were unable to give you a place.  It is not necessary for students to come to the department to sign up for these courses. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that you meet the pre-requisites of option modules, details of which are available by clicking on the relevant link below. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you do not register for a module for which teaching clashes with your obligatory course.

You can access the module timetable by following the links below, but please note that timetable and roombooking information is provisional until the start of term. Please note that the module information (syllabus) is from last academic year, subject to change without notice, and for orientation only.

Module codeModule nameTerm  
PLING121 / PLIN0047Syntax 11PLIN0047 specificationObligatory for MA Linguistics students
PLING150 / PLIN0032Sociolinguistics2PLIN0032 specification 
PLING151 / PLIN0036Linguistics of Sign Languages2PLIN0036 specification 
PLING154 / PLIN0021Phonetic Theory2PLIN0021 specification 
PLING156 / PLIN0035Psycholinguistics: Stages in Normal Language Development (formally Language Acquisition)2PLIN0035 specification 
PLING157/ PLIN0038Neurolinguistics2PLIN0038 specification 
 PLING158 / PLIN0039Morphology  NOT RUNNING 2018-19
PLING159 / PLIN0008Intro to Children's Language Development1PLIN0008 specificationNot an option for MA Linguistics students
PLING198  / PLIN0048Foundations of Linguistics1 and 2PLIN0048 specificationObligatory for MA Linguistics students
PLING201 / PLIN0010Intermediate Pragmatics1PLIN0010 specificationNot an option for MA Linguistics students 
PLING203 / PLIN0012Pragmatics and Cognition1PLIN0012 specification 
PLING204 / PLIN0018Issues in Pragmatics2PLIN0018 specification 
PLING210 / PLIN0019Semantic-Pragmatic Development2PLIN0019 specification 
PLING211 / PLIN0069Advanced Phonological Theory A1PLIN0069 specification 
PLING213 / PLIN0070Advanced Phonological Theory B2PLIN0070 specification 
PLING216 / PLIN0065Intermediate Phonetics and Phonology A1PLIN0065 specification 
PLING217 / PLIN0066Intermediate Phonetics and Phonology B2PLIN0066 specification 
PLING218 / PLIN0020Advanced Semantic Theory1PLIN0020 specification 
PLING221 / PLIN0024Intermediate Generative Grammar: Locality2PLIN0024 specification 
PLING222 / PLIN0023Current Issues in Syntax1PLIN0023 specification 
PLING155 / PLIN0037Animal Communication and Human Language1PLIN0037 specification 
PLING224 / PLIN0063Reading in Syntax2PLIN0063 specification 
PLING226 / PLIN0067Intermediate Generative Grammar: Word Order1PLIN0067 specification 
PLING228 / PLIN0056Semantics Research Seminar1PLIN0056 specification 
 PLING230 / PLIN0013 Phonology of English   NOT RUNNING 2018-19
PLING231 / PLIN0041Seminar on Expressive Prosody1PLIN0041 specification 
 PLING232 / PLIN0009 Semantic Theory 2PLIN0009 specification Not an option for MA Linguistics students
 PLING233 / PLIN0043  Evolution of Language PLIN0043 specification NOT RUNNING 2018 /19
PLING300 / PLIN0029 Stuttering1PLIN0029 specification 
PALSG306 / PALS0030Second Language Speech Learning2PALS0030 specificationsee PALSG module info


Topics in Chinese Syntax2PLIN0075 specification 
PLIN0044Multilingualism in Cognition2PLIN0044 specification 
PLING223 / PLIN0053 Interfaces In Syntax2PLIN0053 specificationObligatory for MA Linguistics students (must choose 2 from a group of 3 modules)
PLIN0074 Phonetics and Phonology II2PLIN0074 specificationObligatory for MA Linguistics students (must choose 2 from a group of 3 modules)
PLIN0081Semantics and Pragmatics II2PLIN0081 specificationObligatory for MA Linguistics students (must choose 2 from a group of 3 modules)

The Language Sciences option modules may also be of interest.

For any further information, please contact enquiries-linguistics@pals.ucl.ac.uk