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BIX: Behavioural Insights Exchange

The Behavioural Insights Exchange (BIX) is an initiative allowing students to undertake a dedicated research project with an external organisation. These collaborations allow businesses to identify and answer pressing questions, using cutting-edge insights from behavioural science and highly skilled data analysis.

The UCL BIX programme enables organisations to  work with our Masters' students to help solve pressing issues with the application of behavioural science. To Masters’ students within the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, BIX offers out-of-lab, real-world research opportunities as well as the potential to collaborate with industry.                             
Industry partners will benefit directly from the outputs of a BIX project, which can fall into 3 main categories:  

  1. Systematic reviews/Insight reports
  2. Analysis of existing data 
  3. Novel data collection  

Benefits of BIX

  • Provides an easy way for companies, charities and government organisations to begin working with UCL
  • Access to cost effective, cutting-edge research, and highly skilled data analysis
  • Integrates expertise from both the academic and non-academic worlds
  • Creates valuable partnerships in industry
  • Students help solve real-world problems
  • Achieves societal impact through interactions with industry   

What our industry partners say

Simply Business Logo
In 2020, Simply Business completed two projects with UCL students. The first looked at improving feedback-seeking behaviour, while the second sought to understand how insurance purchase behaviour can lead to greater risk-taking. 

Our partner from Simply Business said: “The students were highly motivated, self-directed, and also enjoyable to work with. Both the process and the outputs were informative for how we improve our business for employees and customers.”

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Project Examples

 We offer projects relating to all fields of psychological, behavioural and cognitive science, including neuroscience, mental health, decision making and behavioural economics. To learn more about the previous projects we have conducted, please look at our project examples.