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BIX: Behavioural Insights Exchange

The Behavioural Insights Exchange (BIX) is an initiative allowing students to undertake a dedicated research project with an external organisation. These collaborations allow businesses to identify and answer pressing questions, using cutting-edge insights from behavioural science and highly skilled data analysis.

To Master’s students within the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, BIX offers out-of-lab, real-world research opportunities as well as the potential to collaborate with industry.

Industry partners will benefit directly from the outputs of a BIX project, which can fall into 3 main categories:     

  • Systematic reviews/Insight reports
  • Analysis of existing data 
  • Novel data collection

Benefits of BIX:

  • Provides an easy way for companies, charities and government organisations to begin working with UCL 
  • Access to cost effective cutting-edge research, and highly skilled data analysis
  • Integrates expertise from both the academic and non-academic worlds
  • Creates valuable partnerships in industry
  • Students help solve real-world problems
  • Achieves societal impact through interactions with industry


Project Examples

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What our Industry Partners say 

Image of Ogilvy logo

Mike form Ogilvy: "Naomi has been great. She has unearthed strong insights into recycling behaviours, and brought some fresh, novel executions for her experiment design. Naomi’s proposed testing is a novel way of testing behaviours within a digital environment, and we can’t wait to see the results."

Jordan from Ogilvy: "I’ve found Charlotte to be a brilliant student and collaborator. She has brought to the table a great many insightful suggestions, and I’m confident that the end result is going to benefit massively from her hard work and dedication at understanding the literature and nailing down the best route to take the research in."

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