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Gallery and Feedback

Photos and description
Students from the Michigan University Summer School in July 2011

Delegates attending the CPD programme at Chandler House.

Tutor, April Winstock, in the teaching room.


Feedback from delegates

"Relevant, clear, and well-paced", October 2012
"Very informative and detailed. Presenters were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about developmental verbal dyspraxia!" March 2013

“Really good balance between theory and practical therapy ideas – including case studies” November 2014

“The content of the course was excellent. It contained the perfect amount of detail. It was very clear and well organised. I feel I have broadened my knowledge of DVD significantly.” May 2016


The Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme


“Very interesting. I was glad there was a recap on anatomy and physiology when looking at VF slides. Tutor very responsive to needs and pace of class.” November 2011

Reading Adult Videofluoroscopies: Introductory Course


“Have learnt so much in just 3 days. Will definitely use the knowledge I have gained clinically. I’m looking forward to working with dysphagia clients rather than being slightly patrified. All presenters were extremely friendly and made participants feel comfortable asking anything.” June 2013

"Very useful course. Very informative with extremely knowable and enthusiastic tutors. Very practical!" June 2014

“Practical and hands-on approach adapted to the needs of the students.” December 2015

“I really enjoyed the course and feel a lot more confident in my knowledge and practice.” June 2016


Introduction to the Practical Management of Eating & Drinking Difficulties in Children at Basic Level.


“Truly broaden my horizon in British English Pronunciation.” December 2012
“Very useful, practical, inspiring!” April 2013

“Geoff is excellent! (and entertaining!)”, December 2014

“Excellent! Geoff is gifted and dedicated teachers! Thank you UCL for bringing him to us!” December 2015

“Thorough coverage of theory and practical aspects!” June 2016

Contemporary English Pronunciation: A practical workshop



“Very knowledgeable presenters who made info accessible and relevant.” April 2012

“Thorough, interesting and information. Immediately applicable to everyday practice.” March 2013

“Lovely clear speakers, excellent professional presentation, material detailed and informative. Handy Tips!” July 2015

“Great presentation, really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot!” January 2016

Working with Selective Mutism Part 1: Effective Approaches to Assessment and Management of Children and Adolescents


“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It will have a significant impact upon my practice as a SLT across 2 countries.” April 2012

“Just great, both inspiring, thank you.” March 2013

“Brilliant two days! Thank you! Lots of advice and very informative!” July 2015

“Fantastic content – very knowledgeable and full of great advice!” July 2016



Working with Selective Mutism Part 2: Extension Level – Supplementary Approaches to Assessment and Management