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Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference

A biennial international conference devoted to the teaching, learning and assessment of phonetics

Next meeting 2022  (we hope)

It is likely that one lasting consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with growing awareness of climate change, will be that international conferences will in future regularly offer extensive online participation. But rather than move the whole of the next PTLC online, we have decided to wait until at least the nucleus of a face-to-face event can be hosted in London. Besides, waiting until 2022 will get us back on track in relation to the other regular events in the academic calendar and help to avoid clashes in the future.

We intend to use 2021 to curate, catalogue, and re-issue the twenty years' worth of accumulated PTLC Proceedings and make sure that they have a permanent and readily accessible home.

PTLC2020 had been planned to take place in London 5–7 August 2020


Contact us: enquiries@ptlc.info


Phonetics plays a significant role in medicine-allied professions, technology, forensics, performing arts, voice coaching and foreign language instruction. Different areas of phonetic knowledge or the development of practical skills may be prioritised depending on the curricular aims. Training future phoneticians also presents challenges in terms of resources, syllabuses, the linking of theory and practice, and maximising learning opportunities. PTLC provides a unique forum for research concerned with all aspects of the teaching, learning and assessment of phonetics. PTLC began in 1999, and has been hosted regularly at UCL since then. 

PTLC accepts papers in the following areas:

· role and goals of phonetics in different curricula

· phonetic training for academic  research and fieldwork

· interactivity and blended learning in phonetics

· use of technology  and equipment for learning phonetics

· phonetics in distance learning, Continued Professional Development and degree level courses

· innovations in the phonetic curricula and assessment methods

· materials design

· history of teaching phonetics

· pronunciation teaching

The Proceedings of PTLC2017 are available for download



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