UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


A survey and cohort intervention using indirect SLT for children with Primary LI in schools

PeopleJames Boyle, Sue Ellis, Elspeth McCartney, Mary Turnbull
FunderChief Scientist Office Priorities and Needs Programme: Social Determinants and Interventions for Health/West of Scotland Primary Care NHS Trusts and Networks Research and Development Partnership (WoSRaD).

This project used the language intervention procedures developed for the RCT above with a cohort of children selected to the same criteria, but with language-learning activities delivered by school staff, who could include teachers, learning support teachers and classroom assistants. The gains shown on the previous study were not replicated, perhaps because school staff did not deliver as many language-learning activities from The Language Therapy Manual as the previous RCT.

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  2. McCartney, E., Boyle, J., Ellis, S., Bannatyne, S., & Turnbull, M. (2011). Indirect language therapy for children with persistent language impairment in mainstream primary schools: outcomes from a cohort intervention. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 46, 1, 74-82. Winner of the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 2011 article prize.