UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Bilingual/EAL deaf children with cochlear implants


Therapist researchers:Dr M. Mahon (Developmental Science RD UCL);
Dr Debi Vickers (Ear Institute UCL);
Dr Kaukab Rajput (Great Ormond Street Hospital Cochlear Implant Programme);
Prof Gisela Szagun (Oldenburg University);
Dr Wolfgang Mann (Centre for Deafness, Cognition and Language (DCAL);
Dr Roz Barker (research Speech and Language Therapist Great Ormond Street Hospital Cochlear Implant Programme)
FunderFunding applications submitted

This new research initiative aims to investigate speech, language and communication outcomes for EAL deaf children who have had cochlear implants.


Mahon, M. Vickers, D, Rajput, K, Szagun, S. Mann, W. Barker, R. (in prep) A five year retrospective audit of cochlear implanted children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.