UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


SCEP for Teachers


SCEP has always attracted teachers of English, both non-natives and English native speakers. Many teachers lack confidence in teaching pronunciation. The technical and practical grounding in English Phonetics which SCEP provides is an indispensable foundation for understanding and improving the pronunciation of your students. 

  • Morning lectures cover the sound system of English, with particular attention to articulation and transcription. This includes the patterns and communicative functions of English intonation. The reference accent for SCEP is the contemporary British accent known as Modern RP, General British or Standard Southern British. Major differences with other accents are covered.
  • Morning small-group classes give practice in making the sounds covered in the lectures, using mirror work and other techniques. Your articulatory awareness is developed, and you can observe tutors detecting and correcting non-natives' pronunciation.
  • Afternoon ear-training classes develop the perceptual and transcribing skills which are crucial for error analysis in teaching.
  • Afternoon lecture topics include World Englishes, and English pronunciation problems for speakers of other languages such as Spanish and Japanese. The latter provide examples of contrastive analysis, which enables you to focus on the specific challenges of your students.

SCEP is a very sociable course! The two weeks offer extensive opportunities for discussing ideas on theory and practice both with course staff and other teachers who are taking the course.   

For those who want to go deeper into English and General Phonetics and to receive certification, SCEP in most years offers the IPA Examination Strand.