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  • Meetings are held in Chandler House at 4pm on Thursday, unless otherwise stated. 
  • Talks are held in the building where SHaPS is located: Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street, London WC1N 1PF. (map link)
  • All are welcome!

Contact Jieun Song or Shego Wu for more information.

Current scheduled talks for 2018-2019 (more coming) 

Term 12018-2019
Date/roomNameTitle and Abstract
27th Sept, 4pm 118

Laurel Lawyer (University of Essex)

Overhearing: The processing of unattended continuous speech in adults, normal hearing children, and children with cochlear implants. PDF iconssf_lawyer.pdf
4th Oct, 4pm 118Axelle Calcus (UCL)Neural processing of speech in children with sensorineural hearing loss.
18th Oct, 5pm B01Léo Varnet (UCL)

New methodologies for studying listening strategies in phoneme categorization tasks

25th Oct, 5pm 118Robert Lennon (University of Leeds)Experience and learning in cross-dialect perception: Ambiguous /r/ in Glasgow 
15th Nov, 5pm 118Petra Hödl (University of Graz)The Styrian banter: Production and Perception of Austrian German word-initial plosives 
22nd Nov, 4pm 118Gesa Hartwigsen (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Leipzig)Modulation of language networks with non-invasive brain stimulation PDF iconssf_hartwigsen.pdf
29th Nov, 4pm 118Velia Cardin (University of East Anglia)TBA
3rd Dec (Mon), 4pm 118Douglas Hartley (University of Nottingham)TBA
6th Dec, 4pm 118Emma Holmes (UCL)TBA
13th Dec, 5pm 118Sam Kirkham (Lancaster University)TBA
Term 22017-2018
Date/roomNameTitle and Abstract
21st Feb, 4pm G10

Angelos Lengeris
Department of English Language and Linguistics
University of Kent

Auditory training improves second-language pronunciation in spontaneous speech

PDF iconlengeris_ssf_abstract.pdf

1st Mar
4pm G15
Nadine Lavan
Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London
Flexible voices - Effects of within-speaker variability on identity perception from
vocal signals

PDF iconlavan_ssf_abstract.pdf
22nd Mar
4pm G10
Tamara Rathcke
Department of English Language & Linguistics, University of Kent
Speaking or singing? On the origins of the 'speech to song' illusion
PDF iconsff_rathcke_speaking_or_singing.pdf
10th May
4pm G10

Samuel Evans
Department of Psychology
University of Westminster 

Testing predictions about auditory verbal hallucinations with ambiguous speech

PDF iconevans_speechscienceforum_may2018.pdf

17th May
4pm G10
Adam Chong
Department of Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London 

Aspects of Singapore English intonation

PDF iconchong_ssf_abstract.pdf