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Research themes

Our research focuses on understanding behaviour at multiple levels

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Experimental Psychology

We are engaged in groundbreaking studies that are investigating theoretically important questions and bringing their work to bear on society’s most pressing needs.

Our department consists of 30 internationally recognised scholars and a diverse graduate student population.

Recent news and blogs

Technology and the Brain

How many of your friend’s and family’s phone numbers do you know from memory? While technological innovation allows storage of greater volumes of data, some have argued it is changing the way our brain works. Dr Daniel Richardson discusses how technology has transformed the way we store and access knowledge.


Eva Krumhuber

My research interests lie in the general area of social perception and attribution. In particular, I am studying social psychological aspects of face perception and various factors that moderate people’s judgements. These concern (1) attributes of the stimulus target such as the type of facial expression, the nationality/ethnicity of the face, and the presence of…

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Laboratory:   Krumhuber Lab