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Research themes

Sensory systems is one of our major research themes

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Experimental Psychology

We are engaged in groundbreaking studies that are investigating theoretically important questions and bringing their work to bear on society’s most pressing needs.

Our department consists of 30 internationally recognised scholars and a diverse graduate student population.

Recent news and blogs

Meet the researcher: Jeremy Skipper

Jeremy’s group studies the neurobiology of language use. Language is probably the most fundamentally human function and it underlies our abilities to do so many different things, that understanding how it works in our brain is an essential problem to solve. Jeremy uses neuroimaging techniques like fMRI to understand what the brain is doing during natural tasks like watching a movie for maximum ecological validity.


Hannah Betts

My general research area is language comprehension.  The focus of my PhD is to investigate how people understand words with multiple meanings, and therefore multiple possible interpretations, such as ‘bark’ (dog bark vs. tree bark).  These semantically ambiguous words are very common in English, with around 80% of words having multiple dictionary entries.  Hence it…

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Laboratory:   The Word Lab