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Our department houses state-of-the-art research facilities

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Experimental Psychology

We are engaged in groundbreaking studies that are investigating theoretically important questions and bringing their work to bear on society’s most pressing needs.

Our department consists of 30 internationally recognised scholars and a diverse graduate student population.

Recent news and blogs

"The Science of the Young Ones" with Dr Daniel Richardson

Dr. Michael Mosley visits with Daniel Richardson to conduct a priming experiment to see whether student can be primed to act older simply by being exposed to related words.


Peter Riefer

In my projects, I’m trying to understand human decision-making, particularly in economic contexts. On the one hand, I’m working on a project about choice exploration and exploitation. The focus here is on how people sample available options in non-stationary environments. On the other hand, I concern myself with cooperation and coordination of people in large…

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Laboratory:   Love Lab