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Our department houses state-of-the-art research facilities

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Experimental Psychology

We are engaged in groundbreaking studies that are investigating theoretically important questions and bringing their work to bear on society’s most pressing needs.

Our department consists of 30 internationally recognised scholars and a diverse graduate student population.

Recent news and blogs

Kate Jeffrey: "Studying the Sense of Direction in the Brain"

Prof Kate Jeffery is a neuroscientist researching how the brain makes an internal representation of space. She studies how spatially sensitive neurons encode complex spaces, with a particular focus on two main issues: three dimensional space, and the internal “sense of direction”


Marty Sereno

One main thread of my research uses fMRI and cortical-surface-based methods to map multiple visual, auditory, somatosensory, and motor areas in the human brain and to make high-resolution cross-subject average flat maps. The internal structure of these small cortical areas (typically only 1 cm wide) are uncovered through the use of phase-encoded methods for retinotopy,…

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Laboratory:   Sereno Lab