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The Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience studies behaviour at a cellular level

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Experimental Psychology

We are engaged in groundbreaking studies that are investigating theoretically important questions and bringing their work to bear on society’s most pressing needs.

Our department consists of 30 internationally recognised scholars and a diverse graduate student population.

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Does switching on a satnav switch off part of the brain?

Brain activity linked to simulating possible journeys appears to be absent when a person is following directions rather than independently planning a route. Hugo Spiers talks about the findings of his latest study on BBC News.


Mircea Zloteanu

My research focuses on the behavioural cues that can be used to ascertain when others are being truthful or deceitful. My PhD aims to uncover the importance of emotional and cognitive cues with relation to deception detection, attempting to understand the usefulness of these cues and their limitations. My research also expands to areas such…

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Laboratory:   Eye Think Lab