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About the Research Team

The STARS team comprises of Dr Frances Rice, Prof Norah Frederickson, Dr Katherine Shelton, Prof Chris McManus, Lucy Riglin, Terry Ng-Knight, Sinead Neal and Andy Keay.

the team

Frances Rice
Dr Frances Rice is lead investigator on the study.  Dr Rice has expertise in adolescent mental health and longitudinal research studies.

Norah Frederickson
Prof Norah Frederickson is the Head of UCL's Educational Psychology Group.  Professor Frederickson also has experience of working as a teacher in Middle Schools and as a Local Authority Educational Psychologist.

Katherine Sheldon
Dr Katherine Shelton

Based at Cardiff University, Katherine is a developmental psychologist with interests in the relationship between aspects of family life and children's psychological well-being.

Chris McManus
Prof Chris McManus

Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, with expertise in statistical analysis.

Lucy Riglin

School related outcomes of adolescent depression; resilience, gender differences.

Terry Knight
Terry Ng-Knight

Researcher and PhD student. Research interests include school success and its antecedents and social/environmental factors influencing well-being and mental health.

Sinead Neal
Sinead Neal

Trainee Educational Psychologist at UCL with an interest in supporting the social and emotional development of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Andy Keay
Andy Keay

Trainee Educational Psychologist at UCL.  Before his training, Andy worked with vulnerable and excluded young people, children in care and conducted school-based research.