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Marla Berg-Weger, PhD., LCSW
Professor, Saint Louis University School of Social Work
Executive Director, Gateway Geriatric Education Center
Email: marla.bergweger@slu.edu
Tel: 314/977-2151

Website: www.slu.edu/medicine/internal-medicine/geriatric-medicine/aging-successfully/ 

Janice Lundy, MA, MHA, CDP
Director of Social Work and Geriatric Care Management
Perry County Memorial Hospital
Email: jlundy@pchmo.org
Tel: 573/547-2530 extension 3387

Debbie Hayden, RN, BSN, OTR/L, CDP
Director of Occupational Therapy
Perry County Memorial Hospital
Email: dhayden@pchmo.org
Tel: 573/547-2530 extension 3216

Perry County Memorial Hospital CST website link: http://www.pchmo.org/services-CST.aspx

CST provision

Initial CST treatment programs and long-term CST maintenance programs are being offered in numerous care facilities, hospitals, medical and community centers in the St. Louis and Missouri region.

Research Project

  1. Tebb and Berg-Weger. Daughters of Charity and Saint Louis University Doerr Center for Social Justice Research and Education— Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: With Exercise or Without Exercise?  
  2. Tebb and Berg-Weger. Saint Louis University Beaumont Faculty Development Fund— Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST): A Strategy for Supporting Family Caregivers. 
  3. Postman. Health Sciences Small Grant Opportunity—Pilot Study of Computer-Mediated Interventions for Cognitive-Linguistic Decline in Neurodegenerative Disease.
  4. Zubatsky. Interdisciplinary Health Science Research Program--Improving Memory with Individuals with Dementia in Underserved Populations
  5. Postman. Spark Microgrant, SLU Office of the Vice President for Research—Exploration of the applicability and adaptability of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for dementia to a community of elderly African American residents of North St. Louis.


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CST Training

A CST training team was established in 2014 at The Saint Louis University Gateway Geriatric Education Center. They have recently been designated as The North American Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Training Center (NACSTTC) and are in the early stages of development. Once established, future trainings will be conducted through the NACSTTC.

For current CST training inquiries or CST provision please contact Marla Berg-Weger marla.bergweger@slu.edu or Janice Lundy jlundy@pchmo.org.